How AHEAD Works

Ever wonder how AHEAD works? The Leadership Team has summarized some details and frequently asked questions.

AHEAD (Allen & Hardin for Election Action and Democracy) is a growing group of Allen and Hardin County residents committed to nonviolent action for democracy.

AHEAD is committed to nonviolent action and these goals:

  1. Voice our opinions on policies and issues
  2. Educate ourselves and our communities on matters of political importance
  3. Connect with diverse populations in our communities and work with them to support the vulnerable
  4. Support local Democratic parties and affiliated organizations
  5. Strengthen AHEAD by building capacity and making connections

AHEAD seeks to bring about political and social change through peaceful means. Anyone who supports nonviolent action toward these goals can participate in AHEAD.

AHEAD has a private Facebook group, a weekly newsletter, a public Facebook page, and a website. We have monthly meetings (rotating between Allen and Hardin Counties) and various other initiatives and events. We try to collaborate with other groups where possible.

AHEAD has a leadership team (members here), composed mostly of long-time members, with an effort at diversity of views and locations. The leadership team plans monthly meetings and approves official AHEAD actions. Contact the leadership team at ahead.oh@gmail.com.

We also have a Rapid Response Team that deals with emerging issues; contact the lead, Beth, at ahead.oh@gmail.com to get involved. 

Our webmaster, Jenny, can be contacted at ahead.oh.web@gmail.com.


Who can plan an activity? Any AHEAD member is welcome to use AHEAD’s communication platforms to plan activities in keeping with AHEAD’s goals. If you would like an activity to be officially sponsored by AHEAD, please fill out our endorsement/sponsorship form

How can AHEAD help me with an activity or question? AHEAD’s strength is its members. Share your idea in the Facebook group and you will get wonderful feedback. AHEAD has some funds, but they are extremely limited. If you seek funds from AHEAD, please complete our endorsement/sponsorship form. Other resources we can offer include lists of community groups and media outlets. We can also help draft press releases. 

What does AHEAD focus on? AHEAD members care about many different issues, and so our focus is broad. Ultimately, our members — you — drive our action and impact. 

Does AHEAD endorse candidates or issues? We are still trying to figure out a process for official endorsements. Ideas welcome.

What would you like to know about AHEAD? What feedback do you have? Please share your ideas: ahead.oh@gmail.com or fill out our feedback form.

We have many activities and ways to be involved, and we would love to have you join us!
If you would like more information, please contact us.