Poster and information about the Jim Jordan Town Hall

We have a poster, so please share it widely! A link to a larger version of the poster is available below.

Additional information about the town hall:

An energetic band of organizers has been working overtime to set up the Jim Jordan Town Hall, Monday, April 24, in Lima (see calendar for details). We’ve been told that this is the only town hall to be held by a Republican representative in Ohio in 2017. A core goal of the town hall is for Jordan’s constituents to get a chance to hear his answers directly. The organizing team is dedicated to creating a respectful, civil dialogue. We encourage everyone to come, even if you are not a Jordan constituent. It should be a great learning opportunity. And, spread the word. Here is the press release and a link to the poster featured on the left. We encourage people to submit questions and personal stories in advance: send to ahead.oh@gmail.com.

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