Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…

Make your sign a Biden/Harris one!

Ordering Biden/ Harris Lawn Signs and Other Merchandise:

There’s been tremendous appetite for lawn signs! AHEAD, the Allen Dems, and the Hardin Dems are all distributing them. AHEAD has also ordered bumper stickers and buttons.

Please reserve your items at this link: Request Biden/Harris Signs & Merch. (Update 10/8/2020: Please check with your local party headquarters for signage that might still be available, and thank you for everyone who requested Biden/Harris merch using our form!)

Info about pickup locations can be found at the link above where you reserve the items, and please be sure to wear a mask.

The lawn sign effort has been a tremendous team effort – special thanks to everyone who is helping to manage the pickup locations! We have received word from Toni Webb, head of the state Biden campaign, that they will be supplying free lawn signs later in September. Stay tuned!

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