Don’t forget to ACT NOW!

We are now regularly adding content to the Take Action section of the AHEAD website!

  • For action and awareness items to keep on your radar, the main Take Action page includes general information and links when available.
  • For action items of immediate concern, the Act Now! page is periodically updated with posts containing detailed information and links to additional resources.
  • For general information about contacting representatives, please visit the How to Contact Your Representatives page. It includes suggestions and talking points for different types of calls. To find specific contact information for your representatives, please see the links to local, state, and national representatives under the Resources menu.

Please explore the Resources section of the AHEAD website to find information pertaining to our districts as well as the State of Ohio, who represents us, and who else is taking action. The Resources menu contains a calendar of upcoming events, information about identifying and contacting your local, state, and federal representatives, Ohio resources by topic (page still being developed), Ohio groups that align with many of the same issues as AHEAD, and much more.

If you have information that could be added to any one of these pages, or a story for the AHEAD blog, please forward it to us at ahead.oh.web@gmail.com.

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