Help HOLA Ohio support immigrants in Ohio!

HOLA Ohio (Facebook page and website link) is a grassroots organization based in NE Ohio that focuses on Latino advocacy, outreach, community organizing, and civic engagement.

HOLA has reached out to AHEAD and asked us to visit Jordan’s Lima office May 15th and 19th to advocate for immigrants in Ohio. They are scheduling visits every hour, on the hour.

HOLA Ohio is currently working with more than 30 US-citizen children whose parents are scheduled to be deported within months. With the Trump administration’s hardline policies leaving them no options for relief, their parents now must choose between leaving their children behind or bringing them to a country where some will not be able to attend school or access greatly needed medical care.

HOLA’s focus:

  • Congress has the ability – and the responsibility – to fix our inhumane immigration system. Start working on a comprehensive reform bill now.
  • Congress has the power to rein in ICE. Stop allowing ICE to detain and deport immigrants who do not pose any threat to our national security.

One woman’s story:

“Maria” from Norwalk has twin US-citizen daughters, age 5, including one with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, and a 3-year-old daughter. She has been in the US for nine years, since the age of 16. While at a mall with her children, she inadvertently left her car door open. When she returned to her car, the police were waiting. They reported her to ICE. She now must leave the country by June. Maria’s daughter receives therapies which are not available in Mexico. She must now decide if she will take her daughters with her to Mexico, or leave them with her partner.

Sign up now and let’s help HOLA Ohio protect all Ohioans!

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