Martin Luther King Day Event and Upcoming Dialogues

Above is one of the slides from January’s event in Kenton.

In January, AHEAD members participated in wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day event in Kenton, led by Payne Chapel A.M.E. Church, on the theme of voter rights. We enjoyed wonderful speakers, including Rev. Randall Forester encouraging social justice action by the religious community. “A church should be a thermostat, not a thermometer,” he said. The event also featured discussion and song.

Check out the event video and Kenton Times article.

And, stay tuned for the “Dr. King Dialogues,” building on this event. These dialogues will let our community discuss issues related to race, opportunity, and the America we all want to see. The first will be March 13, 2018, at Payne Chapel in Kenton. Contact ahead.oh@gmail.com for more info.

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