AHEAD 2017 Reflections, part 1

Beth’s reflections on her experiences during AHEAD’s first year, included below, remind us that we shouldn’t give up when our efforts aren’t 100% successful, and that we need to always take care of ourselves as we continue along this long road of repairing our country. Thank you for the wonderful insights, Beth!

Calling our Senators and Members of Congress does make a difference—though not every time. We have to keep at it, for those times when it does work. Even if we can’t change their votes, we can make them nervous.

Making change is a marathon, not a sprint.  Conserve energy for the long run. No one human being has the time, energy, or sanity to do everything. Choose one or two issues you care most about, and focus on calls, letters, and other activism concerning those issues. Don’t feel guilty that you can’t do it all. Take a break when you need to, so you can jump back in when you can.

There’s more, but I’m taking my own advice and not being exhaustive.

What have you learned in the last year of activism? Please share your thoughts – write to ahead.oh@gmail.com.

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