This Monday, December 9th: AHEAD Meeting in Lima!

The next AHEAD meeting will be Monday, December 9, 6-8 p.m. in Lima. The meeting will be held at 1531 Lakewood Ave, and there is plenty of street parking available.

We’ll be celebrating election victories, sharing ideas, and making impeachment signs. As a special treat, this meeting is not a potluck because two members are providing food. (Thank you Cris and Mary!) Just bring yourself, friends, and some sign-making materials if you have them.

The signs that we are making will be for an impeachment rally to be held the night before the House votes on impeachment, which will likely happen in late December. Impeachment rallies will happen nationally and are being coordinated by MoveOn’s Impeach and Remove division. Click here for details on our impeachment rally to be held in Lima. If you’d like to help organize the rally, please contact ahead.oh@gmail.com or post in the Facebook group.

We hope to see you all on Monday!

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