Have COVID-19 questions?

The community group Ada SAFE 2020 (SAFE stands for Schools Are For Everyone) will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) entitled “AMA: COVID Questions” during the month of July. Details about the AMA and Ada SAFE 2020 are included below.

Ada SAFE 2020 has convened a panel of local experts to answer questions from the public (Ada as well as the surrounding communities are welcome to submit questions) about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, schools reopening, safety measures, etc. They will be collecting questions through Saturday, July 18. Tweet your questions to #AdaSAFE2020, or email them to AdaSAFE2020@gmail.com. Answers to as many questions as possible will be published through Ada SAFE 2020’s YouTube channel, and will be posted on Facebook and Twitter starting the last week of July. A playlist on the YouTube channel will allow members of the public to have access to all the questions and answers from the series.

Dr. Chris North, who is a member of the steering team for Ada SAFE 2020, sees the event as a unique opportunity. “So often we see things in the news that we don’t quite understand or hear things from others we aren’t really sure about,” she said. “This Ask Me Anything event gives everyone the opportunity to get clarification or ask those questions that people still have. I’m excited we are able to do this for the community.”

“We believe that as members of the community learn more together about how to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, Ada and Hardin county will stand as shining examples in the state of Ohio and the nation as a community where we care for one another by taking all the necessary precautions to protect our most vulnerable community members,” said David MacDonald, co-convener of the organization. “We want everyone to know that there is hope in the midst of this pandemic, and that hope lies within each of us to have the ability and compassion to take simple steps to help our community stay SAFE in 2020.”

About Ada SAFE 2020: The purpose of Ada SAFE 2020 is to organize community members who wish to see our local schools adhere to medically and scientifically sound advice and guidelines when our schools open again in the fall, and to educate the public about the latest scientific research and guidance to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and the disease which stems from the virus, COVID-19. Everyone is invited to join! Parents, students, school administrators, board members, and community members are all welcome. To contact Ada SAFE 2020, please email: AdaSAFE2020@gmail.com.

Additional information about Ada SAFE 2020 and the AMA: COVID Questions event:

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