Help Allen County Get a Human Relations Commission

Allen County Human Rights Commission:
new AHEAD initiative, launched July 2020.

A new AHEAD webpage with detailed information about this initiative can be found under the Take Action menu: Allen County Human Relations Commission.

A Human Relations Commission will promote respect and equal opportunity for all within Lima and Allen County. It’s an essential part of making Allen County a thriving community.

Here’s the short explanation: The City of Lima has proposed a multi-jurisdictional Human Relations Commission (HRC) to promote mutual respect and understanding and to safeguard equal opportunity for all within Lima and Allen County. The HRC will investigate and hear complaints regarding discrimination, make recommendations on how to resolve such complaints, and initiate activities in keeping with its mission. The work of the HRC will be focused around fact finding, staff training, information sharing, community education, mediation, cultural literacy, hate crime response, and conflict management. (More details farther down on this page.)

Getting the Human Relations Commission established will require support from elected officials across Allen County, especially the Allen County Commissioners.

You can help. Please contact your local elected officials, especially the Allen County Commissioners, and ask them to support a Human Relations Commission in Allen County.

And, write letters to your local newspaper telling others to support the Human Relations Commission.

Please visit the AHEAD webpage Allen County Human Relations Commission for the following information:

  • Contact info for the Allen County Commissioners and other elected officials
  • Contact info for local papers
  • Information on the Human Relations Commission that you can use in your call or letter.

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