Political Action We Can Do Now

While our primary focus right now is on helping our families, workplaces, and communities navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some ways that we can keep supporting our political goals, even in these times.
  • Support candidates. Impressive individuals are running for Ohio Supreme Court, US House of Representatives, and other positions — not to mention US President! All value your support on their campaigns. More information here: Support Local Candidates
  • Participate in the AHEAD Facebook group, for up-to-the-minute discussion and events: AHEAD’s Facebook group
  • Protect Ohio elections. We want to make sure voting in November is safe, easy, and fair. Send a letter to encourage the Ohio state legislature to support the Common Cause/ League of Women Voters proposal for the November election. Details here: Protect Voters and Democracy in Ohio’s 2020 Elections
  • Encourage others to vote. Vote Forward provides contact information for Democrat-leaning voters; we write to encourage them to vote. Get involved at votefwd.org.
  • Create content for AHEAD website! You can help us provide information about local candidates, national updates, and how to get involved. Message ahead.oh@gmail.com to find out more!
  • Support your County Democrat Parties. The Hardin County Democrats and Allen County Democrats welcome your involvement. Details at Allen County Democrats and Hardin County Democrats.

Stay safe, and keep in touch!

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