Moving Words from the Pro-Democracy Rally

AHEAD sponsored a Pro-Democracy Rally in Lima at the Veterans Freedom Flag Monument on January 6th, 2022. Below are links to the transcripts from several of the speeches made at the rally, so that those who were not able to attend can still read the moving words.

Dr. Bill Angel spoke about the guarantees our Constitution gives for posterity—all those generations of Americans that followed the Founders and the generations to come.

Maha Zehery of the Lima Interfaith Council spoke movingly of democracy from her experience as a naturalized citizen and a decades-long Lima resident.

Dr. Perry Bush spoke about the fragility of democracy and how we can uphold it.

Rev. Brett Kelly offered a prayer.

Thank you to all of them!

You can also see media coverage of the event, from WLIO and the Lima News.

Let’s keep standing up for democracy!

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